Gr. 9ADA 1O1 - Dramatic Arts (Open)
 AMU 1O1 - Music, Instrumental (Open)
 AVI 1O1 - Visual Arts (Open)
Gr. 10ADA 2O1 - Dramatic Arts (Open)
 AMU 2O1 - Music, Instrumental (Open)
 AVI 2O1 - Visual Arts (Open)
 AWQ 2O1 - Photography (Open)
Gr. 11ADA 3M1 - Dramatic Arts (University/College)
 AMG 301 - Guitar, Music (Open)
 AMM 3MO - Music and Computers (University/College) **Online**
 AMT 3M1 - Music, Theatre (University/College)
 AMU 3M1 - Instrumental Music Band (University/College)
 AVI 3M1 - Visual Arts (University/College)
 AWQ 3M1 - Photography (University/College)
Gr. 12ADA 4M1 - Dramatic Arts (University/College)
 AMT 4M1 - Music Theatre (University/College)
 AMU 4M1 - Music, Instrumental (University/College)
 AVI 4M1 - Visual Arts (University/College)


Gr. 9BTT 1O1 - Introduction to Information Technology in Business (Open)
 BTT 1O4 - Introduction to Information Technology – French Immersion
Gr. 10BBI 2O1 - Introduction To Business (Open)
 BTT 2O1 - Intro to Information Technology in Business (Open)
Gr. 11BAF 3M1 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals (University/College)
 BAI 3E1 - Accounting Essentials (Workplace)
 BDI 3C1 - Entrepreneurship: The Venture (College)
 BMI 3C1 - Marketing: Goods, Services, Events (College)
 BMX 3E1 - Marketing: Retail and Service (Workplace)
 BTA 3OO - Technology: The Digital Environment **Online**
 BTA 3O1 - Information Technology Applications in Business (Open)
Gr. 12BAT 4M1 - Financial Accounting Principles (University/College)
 BBB 4E1 - International Business (Workplace)
 BBB 4M1 - Introduction to International Business (University/College)
 BDV 4CO - Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age (College) **Online**
 BOG 4E1 - Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager (Workplace)
 BOH 4M1 - Business Leadership (University/College)
 BTX 4C1 - Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions (College)


Gr. 9CGC 1D1 - Geography of Canada (Academic)
 CGC 1D4 - Geography of Canada - French Immersion
 CGC 1P1 - Geography of Canada (Applied)
Gr. 10CHC 2D1 - Canadian History Since World War I (Academic)
 CHC 2D4 - Canadian History Since World War 1 (French Immersion)
 CHC 2P1 - Canadian History Since World War I (Applied)
 CHV 2O1 - Civics (Open) (0.5 credit)
Gr. 11CGF 3M1 - Physical Geography: Patterns/Process/Interactions (University/College)
 CGG 3O1 - Travel and Tourism: A regional Geography Perspective (Open)
 CGU 4C1 - World Geography: Urban Patterns & Interactions (College)
 CHA 3U1 - American History (University)
 CHW 3M1 - World History to the Sixteenth Century (University/College)
 CLU 3E1 - Understanding Canadian Law (Workplace)
 IDC 3O1 - Interdisciplinary Studies (Open)
 NDA 3M1 - Aboriginal Issues (University/College)
Gr. 12CGR 4M1 - Environment & Resource Management (University/College)
 CGR 4MO - Environment & Resource Management (University/College) **Online**
 CGW 4U1 - Canadian & World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (University)
 CHY 4C1 - World History: The West & the World (College)
 CHY 4U1 - World History: The West & the World (University)
 CIA 4U1 - Analysing Current Economic Issues (University)
 CLN 4U1 - Canadian and International Law (University)
 CPW 4UO - Canadian & World Politics (University) **Online**


Gr. 9ENG 1D1 - English (Academic)
 ENG 1P1 - English (Applied)
 ENG 1PA - Learning Strategies / English Integrated (Applied)
Gr. 10ENG 2D1 - English (Academic)
 ENG 2P1 - English (Applied)
 ENG 2PA - Learning Strategies / English Integrated (Applied)
Gr. 11EMS 3O1 - Media Studies (Open)
 ENG 3C1 - English (College)
 ENG 3E1 - English (Workplace)
 ENG 3U1 - English (University)
Gr. 12ENG 4C1 - English (College)
 ENG 4E1 - English (Workplace)
 ENG 4UO - English (University) **ONLINE**
 ENG 4U1 - English (University)
 ENG 4UAP1 - Advanced Placement English (University)
 EWC 4U1 - Writer's Craft (University)
 OLC 4O1 - Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (Open)


Gr. 9FIF 1D1 - French (Immersion) (Academic)
 FSF 1D1 - French (Core) (Academic)
 FSF 1P1 - French (Core) (Applied)
Gr. 10FIF 2D1 - French (Immersion) (Academic)
 FSF 2D1 - French (Core) (Academic)
 FSF 2P1 - French (Core) (Applied)
 LWS BD1 - Spanish (Academic)
Gr. 11FIF 3U1 - French (Immersion) (University)
 FSF 3U1 - French Core (University)
 LWS CU1 - Spanish (University)
Gr. 12FIF 4U1 - French (Immersion) (University)
 FSF 4U1 - French (Core) ( University)
 LWS DU1 - Spanish (University)


Gr. 9GLE/GLS1O1 - Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary Schools (Open)
 GLE/GLS 1OA - Learning Strategies / English Integrated (Open)
Gr. 10GLC 2OO - Career Studies (Open) **Online**
 GLC 2O1 - Career Studies (Open) (0.5 credit)
 GLC 2O4 - Career Studies - French Immersion (Open) (0.5 credit)
 GLD 2O1 - Discovering the Workplace (Open)
 GLE/GLS 2O1 - Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary Schools (Open)
 GLE/GLS 2OA - Learning Strategies / English Integrated (Open)
Gr. 11COP 3O8 - Gr. 11 (Open) Day Out-of-School Co-op - 2 credits
 GLE/GLS 3O1 - Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary Schools (Open)
 GPP 3O1 - Leadership and Peer Support (Open)
Gr. 12COP 4O8 - Gr. 12 (Open) Day Out-of-School Co-op - 2 credits
 GLE/GLS 4O1 - Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary Schools (Open)
 GLN 4O1 - Navigating the Workplace (Open)


Gr. 9PPL 1OF - Healthy Active Living (Open Girls)
 PPL 1OM - Healthy Active Living (Open Boys)
Gr. 10PAF 2OA/B - High Performance Fitness (Open)
 PAF 2OF - Fun Fit (Open Girls)
 PPL 2OF - Healthy Active Living (Open Girls)
 PPL 2OM - Healthy Active Living (Open Boys)
Gr. 11PAD 3O1 - Outdoor Activities (Open)
 PAF 3O1 - Personal and Fitness Activities (Open)
 PAF 3OA/B - High Performance Fitness (Open)
 PAF 3OF - Fun Fit (Open Girls)
 PPL 3O1 - Healthy Active Living (Open)
 PPZ 301 - Health for Life
Gr. 12PAF 4OA/B - High Performance Fitness (Open)
 PAF 4OF - Fun Fit (Open Girls)
 PAI 4O1 - Individual and Small Group Activities (Open)
 PLF 4C1 - Recreation and Fitness Leadership (College)
 PSE 4U1 - Exercise Science (University)


Gr. 9MFM 1P1 - Foundations of Mathematics (Applied)
 MPM 1D1 - Principles of Mathematics (Academic)
Gr. 10MFM 2P1 - Foundations of Mathematics (Applied)
 MPM 2D1 - Principles of Mathematics (Academic)
Gr. 11MBF 3C1 - Foundations for College Mathematics (College)
 MCF 3M1 - Functions and Applications (University/College)
 MCR 3U1 - Functions (University)
 MEL 3E1 - Mathematics For Work and Everyday Life (Workplace)
Gr. 12MAP 4C1 - Foundations for College Mathematics (College)
 MCT 4C1 - Mathematics for College Technology (College)
 MCV 4U1 - Calculus and Vectors (University)
 MDM 4U1 - Mathematics of Data Management (University)
 MEL 4E1 - Mathematics for Word and Everyday Life (Workplace)
 MHF 4U1 - Advanced Functions (University)


Gr. 9SNC 1D1 - Science (Academic)
 SNC 1D4 - Science - French Immersion (Academic)
 SNC 1DA - Integrated Math and Science (Academic)
 SNC 1P1 - Science (Applied)
Gr. 10SNC 2D1 - Science (Academic)
 SNC 2D4 - Science - French Immersion (Academic)
 SNC 2P1 - Science (Applied)
Gr. 11SBI 3C1 - Biology (College)
 SBI 3U1 - Biology (University)
 SCH 3U1 - Chemistry (University)
 SPH 3U1 - Physics (University)
 SVN 3E1 - Environmental Science (Workplace)
 SVN 3MO - Environmental Science (University/College) **Online**
 SVN 3M1 - Environmental Science (University/College)
Gr. 12SBI 4U1 - Biology (University)
 SCH 4C1 - Chemistry (College)
 SCH 4U1 - Chemistry (University)
 SES 4UO - Earth and Space Science (University) **Online**
 SNC 4E1 - Science (Workplace)
 SPH 4C1 - Physics (College)
 SPH 4U1 - Physics (University)


Gr. 9HFN 1O1 - Food and Nutrition (Open)
Gr. 10HFN 2O1 - Food and Nutrition (Open)
 HIF 2O1 - Individual and Family Living (Open)
Gr. 11HIR 3C1 - Managing Personal and Family Resources (College)
 HNC 3O1 - Fashion and Creative Expression (Open)
 HPW 3C1 - Living and Working with Children (College)
 HRT 3M1 - World Religions: Beliefs, Issues & Religious Traditions (University/College)
Gr. 12HFA 4M1 - Food and Nutrition Sciences (University/College)
 HHS 4M1 - Individual/Families in Diverse Soc. (University/College)
 HNB 4O1 - The Fashion Industry (Open)
 HSB 4M1 - Challenge and Change in Society (University/College)


Gr. 9TIJ 1O - Exploring Technologies (Open)
 TMJ 1O - Exploring Manufacturing Technology (Open)
 TTJ 1O - Exploring Transportation Technology (Open)
Gr. 10ICS 2O - Introduction to Computer Studies (Open)
 TCJ 2O - Construction Technology (Open)
 TDJ 2O - Technological Design (Open)
 TEJ 2O - Computer Technology (Open)
 TGJ 2O - Communications Technology (Open)
 TMJ 2O - Manufacturing Technology (Open)
 TTJ 2O - Transportation Technology (Open)
 TXJ 2O - Hairstyling and Aesthetics (Open)
Gr. 11ICS 3C - Introduction to Computer Science (College)
 ICS 3U - Introduction to Computer Science (University)
 TCE 3E - Electrical Construction Technology (Workplace)
 TCH 3E - Heating and Cooling (Workplace)
 TCJ 3C - Construction Technology (College)
 TCJ 3E - Construction Technology (Workplace)
 TDJ 3M - Technological Design (University/College)
 TEJ 3M - Computer Engineering Technology (University/College)
 TGJ 3M - Communications Technology (University/College)
 TGR 3M - Radio, Audio and Sound Production (University/College)
 TMC 3C - Computer Aided Manufacturing (College)
 TMI 3C - Industrial Maintenance (College)
 TMJ 3C - Manufacturing Technology (College)
 TMJ 3E - Manufacturing Technology (Workplace)
 TMJ 3M - Manufacturing Engineering Technology (University/College)
 TMM 3M - Mechanical Engineering (University/College)
 TMP 3C - Precision Machining (College)
 TTA 3C - Auto Service (College)
 TTJ 3C - Transportation Technology (College)
 TTJ 3OF - Transportation Technology: Vehicle Ownership (Female) (Open)
 TTS 3C - Small Engine and Recreational Equipment (College)
 TWJ 3E - Woodworking (Workplace)
 TXH 3E - Hairstyling (Workplace)
 TXJ 3E - Hairstyling and Aesthetics (Workplace)
Gr. 12ICS 4C - Computer Programming (College)
 ICS 4U - Computer Science (University)
 TCC 4E - Carpentry (Workplace)
 TCH 4E - Heating and Cooling (Workplace)
 TCJ 4C - Construction Engineering Technology (College)
 TCJ 4E - Construction Technology (Workplace)
 TEJ 4M - Computer Engineering Technology (University/College)
 TGJ 4M - Communications Technology (University/College)
 TGV 4M - T.V., Video and Movie Production (University/College)
 TMC 4C - Computer Aided Manufacturing (College)
 TMI 4C - Industrial Maintenance (College)
 TMJ 4C - Manufacturing Technology (College)
 TMJ 4E - Manufacturing Technology (Workplace)
 TMJ 4M - Manufacturing Engineering Technology (University/College)
 TMM 4M - Mechanical Engineering (University/College)
 TMP 4C - Precision Machining (College)
 TTA 4C - Auto Service (College)
 TTJ 4C - Transportation Technology (College)
 TTJ 4E - Transportation Technology: Vehicle Maintenance (Workplace)
 TTS 4C - Small Engine and Recreational Equipment (College)
 TXH 4E - Hairstyling (Workplace)
 TXJ 4E - Hairstyling and Aesthetics (Workplace)
 TWJ 4E - Custom Woodworking (Workplace)