Learning Services

MMR Learning Services - Room 203

At M.M. Robinson High School we want our students to be successful. We are aware that some of our students have special learning needs that must be met if students are to reach their potential. For some students, this may mean extra help, special reading material or changes in assigned work. For other students, it may mean independent study or modified assignments that will provide extra challenge. Enrichment is offered to students in the core subject areas. Students who are identified "gifted", or highly able in a particular subject area, can request enrichment work from individual teachers.

As part of the Learning Services Program, students work on skills such as organization, time management, reading, writing, thinking and memory skills--things that will help make them more effective learners. Students develop the English language skills needed for success in the classroom. In addition, based on feeder school recommendations, some Grade 9 students are invited to participate in the Learning Strategies course, which assists in the development of reading, writing, mathematics, computer, and social skills in a small group setting

Learning Services Team  
Jennifer Burgie- Dept. Head  

Janet Milanowski  
Dejan Mitrovic  
Priya Mohan