BLAST Program

What is BLAST?

  • Better Learning and Success using Technology

  • Guaranteed access to technology that helps students play to their strengths

  • Strong focus on learning skills and reading skills

  • Students earn a Grade 9 Applied English and a GLE credit (integrated, therefore runs Sept through June)

  • Perfect for students who need a slower pace and extra support in English literacy and their other grade 9 courses

  • Runs during period 1 (has a ‘homeroom’ feel; great for students who need extra support with the transition to high school)

  • Taught by Special Education teacher with specialty in literacy

  • Grade 8 students should select course codes ENG1PA + GLE1PA to register for BLAST

What if I have questions about the BLAST program?

What do students have to say about BLAST?

The BLAST program is a great program for people who may have difficulty with English and other classes. You can also work on work for other classes when you're in this program which is really helpful. You also get to have GLE with Mrs Mohan to help you with your work. BLAST also helps with people who are not that good at reading or writing. It also helps for people who have IEPs and special needs.

- Katelyn

We use computers for everything

This class is special because it is for people who have problems with english or reading and writing. Some students need more time to learn the basics and send in work. They do a lot of things together instead of like “ here is the instructions go do this.” instead they work through problems together. They accommodate for all learners or tries their best to. It is a very helpful program and we should keep it.

- Trin

I like the blast program because it’s not like other classes in blast the teacher makes sure you are learning and not just leaving you to try and catch up with making you do work you don’t understand so I think the blast program is really helpful.

I believe blast is an amazing program because it gives you the opportunity to improve your learning abilities and help you get ready for the next years in high school. In the BLAST program you can also work on other work in different courses that need to be completed.  

The blast program is a chance to get some work done when you need time and a chance to meet new people-Leo

I think the blast program is a good program because it’s all online and easy to access -Daniel