Why take SHSM Arts and Culture: " I would recommend the Arts and Culture SHSM to other students because it allows you to explore your interests and focus on what you’re passionate about." MMR Student

The Arts and Culture SHSM offers opportunities for students to get inspired and use their unique skills and abilities to explore visual arts, drama, and music. Students who are interested in exploring the arts can take the SHSM program to engage in authentic learning and experiences that will be an asset for a future in the arts.

This year we are running a professional artist speaker series. Students will have the chance to learn from professional artists (theatre, art, and music) and what it takes to become a professional artist in today's world.

For further program information please contact:

the school guidance counsellor or log onto or contact Ms. MacRae at:


In the MM music department we are proud of our music community as it offers students a positive and friendly place. We have a music council that works diligently to provide unique opportunities to our music students and events for our school community to attend.

Our music courses focus on playing instruments, composing music, music production, composition, and inquiry based projects with a focus on music in society.

We are currently looking at innovative ways to perform music in ensembles for virtual concerts and Virtual Coffee House events.

For further program information please contact:

Ms. Macrae at with questions or follow us on Instagram