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Room 205

Welcome to our Student Services Page! 

Are you looking to register at MM Robinson High School?
For new registrations,
  1. Book an appointment to meet with Administration and Guidance (bring all completed and signed forms)
  2. Refer to use the check list to ensure you have all required documentation and forms
  3. Please complete these forms :
We look forward to welcoming you to our MMR Community!

2018-19 Timetables:
  • 2018-19 Timetables have been emailed to students. Please check your HDSB email.

    In looking at your Timetable**:

    • Is there a required course missing for your Pathway (Post Secondary Destination)?

    • Do you have “unscheduled courses” (or a spare/blank in schedule)?

    • Have you changed your Pathway?

    • Is your timetable unbalanced?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, you will need to book an appointment to see your Guidance Counsellor before September 7th, 2018.  Please use the following links to book an appointment outside of classes:

    Mrs. Galay

    Mrs. Hagley

    Mrs. Rosa

    Notes about Timetables:

    Course Code




    Two Credit Coop Course

    Your coop teacher will contact you with more details about the course.


    eLearning Course (online)

    Some students have chosen an eLearning credit instead of an in-school credit.  You will see these courses listed at the bottom of your timetable. (ie., ENG3CO, BOH4MO ~ the “O” denotes online)

    ** While every effort has been made to satisfy course selection requests for the upcoming school year, some students will find themselves with a conflict.  If this is your situation, please consult the following resources (located in Student Services and on our MMR website) to make a best informed choice for resolving your timetable conflict:

    • Timetable conflict resolution planner (here)

    • MMR Master Timetable (here)

    • eLearning Courses 2018-19 (here)


    • Shared School Courses ~ this indicates if you are enrolled in eLearning courses and the semester you are enrolled in

    • Unscheduled Courses ~ this indicates a conflict in your timetable that needs to be resolved

    **Timetables are subject to change up to and including the middle of September.**

Appointments with Guidance:
To arrange an appointment, go to the GoogleCalendar links and sign up in an available time slot:
Mrs. Hagley (Last Names beginning A-L)

Mrs. Galay (Last Names beginning M-Z)

Mrs. Rosa

Need To Chat??
Please stop by Student Services if you need someone to talk to.  In Student Services, you can talk with your 
Guidance Counsellor, Student Success Teacher, Social Worker and Head of Special Education.  
You can always drop in to talk about:
  • mental health and wellness

  • communication strategies

  • support with classes and learning strategies

Volunteer Opportunities:

Ontario Volunteer Gateway:
This website encourages Ontarians to volunteer and makes getting involved easier.  Find opportunities by interest. More information can be found outside the Guidance office on the volunteer board or check out:

Looking For Past Information:
Please click here for past information shared on this page

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Our Team  
Nicole Hagley ~ Dept. Head (Guidance, Coop, & Pathways) 

Guidance & Social Work
Debbie Childs -Secretary
Laura Clement -Social Worker
Lisa GalayGuidance Counsellor (M-Z)
Leigh RosaGuidance Counsellor 

Access Program
Peter van der Meulen- Access program

Co-Op Department
Matt Rippon - Co-op

Alijcia Gibson - MMR & HDSB Pathways

Student Success & Self Paced Learning (SPL)
Maria Bruce - Student Success & SPL
Peter ClarkStudent Success & SPL
Dejan Mitrovic - SPL
Leigh RosaGuidance Counsellor & SPL