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Summer School 2020

Are you interested in taking a summer school course through July?

Student Services COVID-19 Announcements (here)

All of us in Guidance and Student Services wish you well and we are here to continue to support you.  In this time of social distancing, you can reach out to the following members of our Guidance Team:


A-B = Mr. Skene (

C-L = Ms. Rosa (

M-T = Ms. Hagley (

U-Z  & ELLs = Ms. Baxter (





Apprenticeships (

CMHO - Children’s Mental Health Ontario (


**If you are in distress and need to talk, please contact one of the following agencies:**

  • KidsHelp Phone - information, strategies and access to phone/text/live chat support:  
  • ROCK 24 hour Crisis Line at 905-878-9785

Guidance Google Classrooms:
Stay Informed.  Join Your 2019-20 Google Classroom Now. 
  • Grade 9 : fjko3mu

  • Grade 10 : v7wgcbl
  • Grade 11 : podojiw
  • Grade 12 : lzwhzag

Guide to Secondary School Resource:

Pathways Assembly Resources:
If you missed our Assembly, please refer to the resources below.

Useful Resources:
-Do you have an IEP??  This Transitions Resource is a fabulous resource for Post Secondary Applications

Be sure to access the resources and steps that YOU need in this process.  Ask & make informed decisions.

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  • Visit our HDSB scholarships website for further information on all of the scholarships available throughout Halton HDSB Scholarships

  • See Ms. Rosa & Mr. Skene for more information

2020-2021 Course Selections

Are You Interested In Learning More about a Regional Pathways Program??
  • Please talk with your guidance counsellor or the Regional Program Lead Teacher, for more info

    Need To Chat??
    Please stop by Student Services if you need someone to talk to.  In Student Services, you can talk with your  Guidance Counsellor, Student Success Teacher, Social Worker and Head of Special Education.  
    You can always drop in to talk about:
    • mental health and wellness

    • communication strategies

    • support with classes and learning strategies

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    Are you looking to register at MM Robinson High School?
    For new registrations,
    1. Book an appointment to meet with Administration and Guidance (bring all completed and signed forms)
    2. Refer to use the check list to ensure you have all required documentation and forms
    3. Please complete these forms :
    We look forward to welcoming you to our MMR Community!

    Ontario Volunteer Gateway:
    This website encourages Ontarians to volunteer and makes getting involved easier.  Find opportunities by interest. More information can be found outside the Guidance office on the volunteer board or check out:

    Looking For Past Information:
    Please click here for past information shared on this page

    MMR Guidance Forms & Resources

    Our Team  
    Nicole Hagley ~ Dept. Head (Guidance, Coop, ESL, & Pathways) 

    Guidance & Social Work
    Joy BaxterGuidance Counsellor 
    Debbie Childs -Secretary
    Laura Clement -Social Worker
    Leigh RosaGuidance Counsellor  
    Alex Skene - Guidance Counsellor

    LEAP Program
    Lisa Brock- LEAP Teacher

    Co-Op Department
    Matt Rippon - Co-op


    Alijcia Gibson (on leave) - MMR & HDSB Pathways
    Dave Spragge - Dual Credit

    Student Success & Self Paced Learning (SPL)
    Peter ClarkStudent Success Lead
    Priya MohanSPED
    Leigh RosaGuidance Counsellor & SPL