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Student Services Announcements

February / March 2021

Full Disclosure Date - Full disclosure date for quadmester three grades has changed to March 29 (rather than previously communicated April 7). If you are taking an E-Learning course, full disclosure for this will be May 7.

Scholarships : If you are graduating this year, please ensure that you check out the link below for scholarship opportunitities.

Community Involvement Hours : For students graduating this year, the Ministry of Education has allowed a reduction of hours to 20 hours, rather than 40 hours of community involvement. If you have a part time job, you can complete a reflection activity that is found in Guidance's Google Classroom where you can share how your part time work supports community during the pandemic. Once submitted, you are eligible for 10 hours.

December 2020/January 2021 -

Course selection - Course selection material is found below on this page. Students will be presented with course selection materials by their classroom teacher and will have an opportunity to discuss course choices and pathways over the two-week winter break. Students will enter their course selections in myblueprint.ca/halton and will enter their parent's/guardian's email for approval.

Students who are currently at MMR will complete their selections by January 15, 2021.

Students who are at VSS will finalize their course selection in February.

How to help your child pick their courses : parent memo

November 2020 -

Quadmester 2 - Quad 2 will start November 16, 2020 and will end on February 4th, 2020. Families can expect updated timetables and cohorting information to be communicated by November 11th at the latest.

Application to Post-Secondary - Guidance has shared with families information sessions for applying to Post Secondary. A presentation with a voice-over can be accessed here : https://bit.ly/MMRPSEvid

University Applications - OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) will be sending PINs directly to students at home. In order to apply, this PIN is necessary. We anticipate that PINs should arrive by November 20.

College Applications - Students can now apply to colleges directly via ontariocolleges.ca

Community Involvement Hours - Students aged 14 years and older can count up to a maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours at the discretion of the principal. Students counting paid employment towards their graduation requirement will be required to complete a reflection exercise indicating how their work contributed to the service for others. Students can find the reflection in the Guidance Google Classroom and submit the reflection under the coursework tab.

September 2020-

Due to the latest Ministry of Education’s announcement for reopening schools, M.M. Robinson High School must recreate student timetables in a Quadmester Format. For information on Halton's return to school opening plan, please click : https://www.hdsb.ca/parents/Pages/Reopening-Schools-Plan.aspx

Guidance Google Classrooms:

Stay Informed. Join Your 2020-21 Google Classroom Now.

  • Grade 9 : 3v6zv7z

  • Grade 10 : ok6mxw5

  • Grade 11 : ekvsqyh

  • Grade 12 : jte475f

Our Team

Alex Skene - Acting Program Leader (Guidance, Coop, ESL)

Guidance & Social Work

Joy Baxter - Guidance Counsellor (English Language Learners)

Debbie Childs -Secretary

Laura Clement -Social Worker

Nicole Hagley - Program Leader - on leave

Ava Frans - Social Worker

Leigh Rosa- Guidance Counsellor (A-L) bit.ly/RosaGuidance

Alex Skene - Guidance Counsellor (M-Z & FSL) bit.ly/mrskene

LEAP Program

Lisa Brock- LEAP Teacher - September 2021

Co-Op Department

Carlo Crechiola - Co-op

Rose Manzella - Co-op

Kathy Vukoje - Co-op

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Joy Baxter - ESL Lead

Jody Van Arnhem - ESL Teacher

Student Success & Self Paced Learning (SPL)

Peter Clark - Student Success Lead

Rebecca MacRae - Student Success

Danielle McCarthy - SPED

Dejan Mitrovic - SPL

Volunteer Opportunities:

Community Involvement Form


Course Selection Material 2021/22

Guide to Secondary School Resource:

Future Grade 9s : Course selection files

Future Grade 10s : Course selection files

Future Grade 11s : Course selection files

Future Grade 12s : Course selection files

Future Grads and Returners : Application to return

Course Availability Planner : pdf version

MMR Regional Programs Planner : pdf version

Ministry of Education Course Descriptions: website

Myblueprint.ca for Parents/Guardians: Getting Started

Pathways Assembly Resources:

If you missed our Assembly, please refer to the resources below.

Are You Interested In Learning More about a Regional Pathways Program??

  • Please talk with your guidance counsellor or the Regional Program Lead Teacher, for more info

-MMR Grade 12 Pathway Planning Checklist

-Do you have an IEP?? This Transitions Resource is a fabulous resource for Post Secondary Applications

- Application Tip Sheets (Apprenticeship, College, University, Work)

Be sure to access the resources and steps that YOU need in this process. Ask & make informed decisions.

Are you looking to register at M.M. Robinson High School?

For new registrations,

  1. Book an appointment to meet with Administration and Guidance (bring all completed and signed forms)

  2. Refer to use the check list to ensure you have all required documentation and forms

  3. Please complete these forms :

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