Technological  Studies

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Girls in technology.  The aim of this course is to empower the next generation of girls to explore opportunities so they may become tomorrow's leaders in Technology.  This course will provide an opportunity to learn skills related to various courses such as Transportation, Manufacturing and Construction that are primarily occupied by men.  The confidence built in this course will inspire young women in further technological pursuits.  Giving them the confidence, knowledge and experience to contribute with a greater voice in the various fields of technology. 

Food School.  Welcome to the Food School at MMR. Interested in a career in the food service and hospitality industry?  Like to cook and eat good food?  Want to learn how to make your favorite foods at home?  Well then this is the place for you!  With an emphasis on fresh and healthy foods, our state of the art facility and knowledgeable team will help you to realize your culinary goals, whatever they may be.  Looking forward to seeing you in the kitchen ..... 

Transportation SHSM and OYAP

In the Transportation SHSM and OYAP programs at MMR, students will get hands-on experience working on and learning about modern Transportation Technologies and how they are built and maintained.  Twenty first century transportation challenges are met with an innovative, problem-solving approach.  There is an emphasis on critical-thinking and taking pride in workmanship. 

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Computer Technology

Computer Technology [ Engineering ] is fantastic at preparing students with a passion in engineering and science, for their future post secondary computer science related programs. The varied topics in the senior classes cover the major concepts needed in many first year programs. This knowledge coupled with the hands-on practical experiences, gives our students distinct advantages over students in these programs without it. These experiences allow them to direct more focus on other aspects of these challenging paths, creating greater opportunity for success. 

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Illustration | Animation | Video Production | Graphic Design | Image Editing | Photography | Sound Design | Live TV Broadcasting | Yearbook Design

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