School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council

Parents get involved:

  • Find out what is going on at the school

  • Meet the administration team and teacher representatives

  • High school students often share less information with their parents than elementary students do

  • Students whose parents are actively involved in secondary school are more successful academically than they would be without their parents’ involvement

  • Understand the issues and provide valuable input

  • Be informed

  • Some topics discussed are: school inclusiveness, school safety, guest speakers, upcoming events, sports, student success

Meeting Dates 2022-2023

SAC Minutes 2022-2023

SAC Minutes 2021-2022

Council Co-Chairs

Chair - Heather Kavsak

Secretary - Stephanie Clapham

Treasurer - Melissa Jamieson

PIC Rep - Denise Mitchell

Well-Being Parent Reps - Melissa Anuff

Principal: Nicholas Varricchio

Contact: (905) 335-5588 x 222