Learning Services

MMR Learning Services - Room 202

Our Team

Corey Trodd, Department Head of Student Services and Special Education - troddc@hdsb.ca

Janet March, BLAST Coordinator - marchj@hdsb.ca

Dejan Mitrovic - mitrovicd@hdsb.ca

Maggie Warneke, GIFTED Coordinator - warnekem@hdsb.ca

Lisa Brock - LEAP - brockl@hdsb.ca

Student Success

Peter Clark, Student Success Lead - clarkp@hdsb.ca

Heather Michlik, Student Success - Sem.1 - michlikh@hdsb.ca

Joy Baxter, Student Success - Sem. 2 - baxterj@hdsb.ca

Leigh Rosa, Student Success - Sem. 2- rosal@hdsb.ca

Educational Assistants

Karen Kerekes - kerekesk@hdsb.ca

Colleen MacLeod - macleodc@hdsb.ca

Alex Verkely - verkelya@hdsb.ca

Diana Leslie - leslied@hdsb.ca

We are excited to work with you and your child(ren).

At M.M. Robinson High School we want our students to be successful. The Learning Resources team is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. Students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)are supported throughout the year by a caring team of Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs). SERTs can assist students with goal setting, self-advocacy, resiliency, and confidence in growing independent academic skills. Our SERTs work closely with students to help them understand their individual learner profiles and to recognize which accommodations and resources will help them to achieve the best results.

The support can be offered through:

  • The Learning Strategies (GLE) course; and, SERT support services.

  • Coaching in assistive technology, including Read and Write for Google (text-to-voice & voice-to-text) software; Live Scribe Pens, C-Pens.

  • Support for learning, assessments and evaluations, including writing EQAO and tests/exams.

  • Development and ongoing maintenance of an IEP.

We pride ourselves on our willingness to communicate with families in our community. Please feel free to reach out to any member of the team if you have questions or need support for your student.

M.M. Robinson is proud to be the Secondary Gifted Placement (SGP) school for students in north Burlington. We have offered gifted programming to our students since our school's inception in 1963. Our SGP does not adhere to a one size fits all approach. We know that students have a diverse range of strengths and needs. Our students often need different, not more. To ensure all students reach their potential, our Gifted program includes:

  • Implementing, supporting, and updating IEPs.

  • Desemestered Engineering (math/science) means consistent teachers all year and a dedicated SERT to closely support students and adapt to their strengths and needs as they arise

  • A variety of Phys-ed options to suit the need and comfort level of each student

  • MMR recognizes that organization and transitions need to be carefully taught and monitored for every student.

  • One to one course and post-secondary planning are available all year, every year

  • An English program focused on equity and includes modern texts that may challenge a student’s worldview

  • Access to leadership opportunities and academic contests

M. M. Robinson High School is the home of the BLAST program. Our BLAST program is an integrated experience that has been successful at MMR for years. Most schools will call this the Locally developed/Workplace program. We call our program BLAST because we do so much more than teach fundamentals. Students are supported to work outside their areas of strength to develop 21st-century skills (e.g. productivity and collaboration). Getting to know the learners is the foundation teachers use to build community and a flexible, dynamic program each year. The BLAST program is supported by a dedicated SERT and teaching team that is constantly responding and adapting to the needs of the students. This program includes:

  • Developing, updating, monitoring, and supporting student IEPs

  • Experiential learning opportunities in the community

  • Smaller classroom learning environments

  • Access to opportunities to be involved in the many programs offered at MMR.